Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Rules & Regulation

Hon. Mr. Sanjeev Jaykumar Patil
Chairman, College Dev. Committee

Founded on the vision of Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil and act as a beacon of strength, enlightenment and women empowerment in the sphere of Solapur.
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  • 1) A student must carry Identity Card only signed by Principal & must produce the same whenever it is asked by the authorities.

  • 2) Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes, tutorials and different tests. Terms shall not be granted if the attendance is not satisfactory. 80% Attendance is Obligatory.

  • 3) A student is expected to read the notices put up on the notice board of the college. The college will not be responsible for loss of any advantages by the student due to failure to read the notice in time.

  • 4) Candidates are admitted to the course subject to the University rules as to the eligibility and grant of terms etc.

  • 5) Every candidate must attend the classes regularly and complete his/her class work, tutorials and seminars, assignments and periodic test including surprise tests as may be required time to time otherwise marks will not be given to semester tutorial & Home Assignment.

  • 6) Candidate should carefully read before being admitted, the prospectus issued by the institute as well as the relevant University publications in respect of course selected by him/her. The rules contained in them as well made by the institute and changes made therein from time to time, shall be binding on the candidate and on his/her guardian.

  • 7) The fees prescribed for the course must be paid at the time of admission. Failure to do so shall result in cancellation of admission.

  • 8) If a candidate is entitled to any Govt. Scholarship and or free ship, the amount of such scholarship or free ship will be paid to him/her only when it is actually received by the institute from the appropriate authority.

  • 9) For grant of two terms and for eligibility to fill in the from for University examination for the course, a candidate must attend at least 80% of the lecturers for the course.

  • 10) The candidates will be exposed to the business experts in the field through regular seminars and guest lectures. Attendance for the same shall be compulsory.

  • 11) A very high standard of discipline, regularity and punctuality is expected of the candidates. Failure of which will be viewed seriously in judging performance of a candidate.

  • 12) No candidate shall be allowed to appear for University Examination unless he/she satisfies all the rules and regulations those may be made from time to time.

  • 13) Fees are not refundable on any account except the deposit amounts for library and caution. Whenever admission of a student is to be cancelled by her the student should intimate to the Principal/Director in writing, with the written consent of her guardian before beginning of the term.

  • 14) Students must attend social and national functions organised by the college such as 26th January, 15 th August, Karmveer Jayanti & The DeathAnniversary of Rayat Mauli Sou. Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil.

  • 15) A student will bound by the rules and regulations formed by the college from time to time.

  • 16) Dress code is Compulsory.

  • 17) Use of Mobile/Cell phone is strictly prohibited in College Premises

  • 18) Any kind Ragging is strictly prohibited.